Our company is a specialized enterprise focusing on processing various engineering plastic parts, especially those made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). We primarily serve the communication RF connector industry, with our main clients being foreign-funded companies among the Fortune 500.


Here is the development history of our company:

       2006: The company was established, starting with small-scale production and sales of engineering plastic parts. We emphasized product quality and customer satisfaction, gradually gaining recognition in the market by providing high-quality products and excellent services.


       2008: We implemented a plan to expand our production scale, introducing advanced machining equipment and technology. This enabled us to improve production efficiency and product quality, meeting the growing demands of our customers.


       2010: We began to focus on the communication RF connector industry and became an important supplier in this field. Our products were appreciated by customers for their outstanding performance and reliability, leading to long-term collaborations with foreign-funded companies among the Fortune 500.


       2015: We continued to invest in research and development as well as innovation, launching a wider range of engineering plastic part products to meet the evolving market demands. Our products not only met the requirements of the communication RF connector industry but also found extensive applications in other industries.


       2020: We have continued to grow and expand, increasing our production capacity and market share. We constantly optimize our production processes, improve product quality, and provide more personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.


       Future Outlook: We will continue to focus on technological innovation and product optimization, continuously enhancing our competitiveness. We will further expand our market share through continued collaborations with foreign-funded companies among the Fortune 500, and consolidate our leading position in the communication RF connector industry. Our goal is to become the preferred supplier in the industry, providing excellent products and services to our customers.